Got 2010 Kentucky Derby Pick Ever?

The Red Sox made a splash at the winter meetings with the Gonzalez trade and Crawford signing. The Red Sox are one of the charter members of the American League and won the first World Series. Between 1903 and 1918, the Sox won five championships. Afterward, they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Red Sox did not win another title until 2004 despite boasting all time greats such as Ted Williams, Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, and Carl Yastrzemski.

My father was right, Mickey Mantle was an excellent ballplayer. He had a WWE crowns season in 1956 and finished his career with over 500 home runs. Taking a look at his accomplishments and career stats, I think the biggest knock on Mantle is that he played too long. He was pretty much washed up after 1964, and his low batting average in the years that followed would end up pulling his career batting average below .300. The Mick also didn't drive in a lot of runs for a slugger, reaching the 100 RBI milestone in just 4 of his 18 seasons (DiMaggio did it 9 times in 13 seasons and averaged 143 RBI over a 162 game season).

People really need to get past the John Cena can't wrestle argument. He's a very good worker and he's shown it time and again. Moveset doesn't make a wrestler, psychology does. And Cena has that in spades- don't blame him for creative direction.

Would have been a nice match if WWE didn't go to a commercial for 5 minutes during the tag-team title match. Santino hits "the cobra" on Husky Harris and gets the pin. Immediately after the bell, Randy Orton comes out and RKO's Nexus. He goes to give the boot to Husky but CM Punk comes out on the ramp and tells him not to. Randy lands the big kick and the rest of Nexus chases him off through the crowd. Husky is out cold. The fans love it.

In a 13 minute video interview with Brian Fritz of AOL Fanhouse, former WWE Champion Sheamus declares he wants to beat 'the streak' and the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 next year. Sheamus has been one of several names rumored to challenge the 'Taker in the annual high profile match up. "How much longer can he hang on?" said the giant Irishman, who went on to say humorously that the Undertaker has turned his back on 'gingers'. You can view the video on the link posted on the left side of this page.

Baseball, trying to remain the purists' sport, is getting calls incorrect and costing teams' games. Earlier this year, a perfect game was missed due to an erroneous call at first base. Baseball has the technology to use instant replay to review calls, but fails to do so citing the purity of the sport. When the New York Yankees are on the receiving end of one of these calls, look for baseball to take an about face on this issue. The only other "sport" that steadfastly refuses to use instant replay to ensure accuracy is professional wrestling, and that's not the company a dying sport wants to be in.

In many ways there were things happening outside the cage that were earning Ken Shamrock more negative press than the losses. He fought Rich Franklin at the Ultimate Fighter Finale in wrestling a fight that many people claim was rigged as Shamrock went down from a punch that seemingly didn't even land. In 2008 Ken had a fight lined up with EliteXC golden boy Kimbo Slice. This was a fight set up to be the main event on CBS with national television exposure. A big break for Shamrock turns to misfortune as he is forced to withdraw due to a cut he received in the days leading up to the fight. It only got worse when people then came out following the event saying that it was rumored that Shamrock had went to EliteXC officials demanding more money or else he was gonna pull out of the highly publicized fight.

Today Tommy Dreamer is the only ECW original left. The WWE uses their ECW brand as a launching pad for new talent. Those who prove themselves on ECW get moved to Smackdown! or Raw. CM Punk is the biggest success story to come out of the new ECW so far. Evan Bourne, The Hart Dynasty, and Jack Swagger were all moved from ECW a month ago and have the potential to follow in CM Punk's footsteps. A new crop of young talent is now trying to prove themselves on ECW. While vastly different from Extreme Championship Wrestling, ECW on SyFy does have one characteristic in common with the original ECW- the opportunity to get noticed.

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