Low Fat And Weight Watcher Entree Recipes

Take a look at your latest grocery receipt. slow cooker with timer much do your meat purchases add up to? Twenty percent? Thirty? If you are feeding a typical family, your meat expenses are hefty. Going meatless a few nights a week can save you significant sums of money at the grocery store.

A few companies now make a cooker with it's own carry bag with handles, etc. to take along to family gatherings and picnics. A way around this if yours isn't this fancy, just find a sturdy cardboard box, line it with a plastic bag and some newspaper for additional padding and then add your cooking gammon. Be sure to hold at the bottom while transporting so it doesn't spill. Once you get back home you can just keep that box for your next cooking adventure.

A box or drawer gammon joint with art supplies such as crayons construction paper scissors playdough paper plates paper bags glue sticks and other odds and ends.

Hearty pork chops slowly simmering with a variety of savory vegetables is an easy and delicious weeknight dinner to prepare. Assemble this meal in the Slow Cooker before heading out to finish your holiday shopping at the local mall, then come home to a delicious, hot meal for your family.

Gotta go now. There's a cast iron skillet and a package of bacon calling to me from the kitchen, and after all, I do have to keep up my average consumption.